-HOT- Wi-Fi Modem/UART expansion board [now compatible with Replica-1+ !]
----- Analog and Digital Input/Output and Real Time Clock expansion board
----- Sound Interface Card with MOS 6581/8580
----- [DISCONTINUED] Juke-Box Card: Plug In and Play instantly almost every Apple-1 program (both BASIC & ML!)
----- Use a real USB Keyboard with your Apple-1 or any other ASCII/TTL interface computer
----- A prototyping expansion board, useful to create your circuits
----- Temporary replacement for original PROMs, for testing boards etc.
----- Test your Apple-1 PROMs (both WOZ monitor and Cassette Interface)
----- A-1-Stepper: slow down / stop the execution of programs, inspect BUSes, decode Opcodes in real time
----- Replace the 2519 Shift Register with 6xHEF4557 - SMD version
----- Replace the 2513 Character ROM with a 2716/2816 and some diodes
----- Uncle Bernie's Codebreaker game download page
----- Complete and Ready-to-Play Audio Board based on MOS 6581 Sound Interface Device
----- Graphic Video Card based on the Texas Instruments VDP TMS9918A
-HOT- SD Storage Card: load and save every Apple-1 program on a convenient support
----- Appledore: use a C64 / C16 keyboard on your Apple-1 (or any computer with TTL interface)
----- Mini riser card for low-profile Apple-1 case
----- Fast USB terminal with ANSI and lower case support
-NEW- Connect your Commodore Disk Drive 1541 to your Apple-1 / microSD Storage Card
-NEW- Porting of 1965 Olivetti Programma 101 "Angela Game" and other programs


----- Minitel Wi-Fi Modem

IMSAI 8080 / S100

----- Video: IMSAI 8080 Restoration and test
----- 2111/9111 single RAM replacement, or total substitution for POLYMORPHIC "Video Terminal Interface" (VTI)
----- WANTED: informations about SEALS ELECTRONICS S8KMB - 8 KB RAM expansion board for S100 SYSTEMS

RCA 1802

----- 1802 Nametag programmer interface


----- SGS-ATES Nanocomputer misc docs & dumps


----- Kenbak-1 HI-LO game


----- Automatically Load and Run programs at power on, and much more!

OLIVETTI M10 / Kyotronic KC-85 / NEC PC-8201A / Tandy TRS-80 Model 100

----- Add Wi-Fi connectivity to your M10!


----- A decoder for WW2 ENIGMA cyphered messages, a Lunar Lander, a single-LED clock...

P-Lab 2020-24